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Milwaukee native teaches young women how to 'GLOW' from the inside, out

Posted at 6:36 AM, Feb 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-12 07:36:15-05

MILWAUKEE — For the past three years, Mickell Daniels has dedicated her life to helping young women reach their fullest potential despite the challenges that may stand in their way.

"I’ve been through everything that I’ve been through so I can be here today," said Daniels, founder, and CEO of GLOW 414 Inc.

In the heart of the neighborhood where she grew up, Mickell Daniels has created a hub where disadvantaged youth in the community can come in feeling broken and in despair, and leave feeling empowered and supported.

"I encourage every girl that I know to get to the group. Every time they’re having any type of issue or self-esteem problems I’ll be like I’m in a group and you should join," said GLOW member, Maelizia McCradic.

Since its inception in 2017, GLOW 414 Inc. has become a place where young women can come to learn critical skills that will help them in turn become successful adults. But what exactly does GLOW 414 stand for?

"Girls Learning to become Outstanding Women," said Daniels.

And outstanding women have they become. From learning how to apply for a job and building credit, to addressing self-confidence issues and mental health. Anyone who walks through GLOW 414’s doors, has had their life changed in one way or another.

"I was very shy, and Miss Daniels really opened me up. If I hadn’t met Miss Daniels I wouldn’t be doing good I know that," said McCradic.

Every day, Daniels and her team of mentors meet with one goal in mind: to come up with new and innovative ways to better connect with the girls that they serve.

"Besides that glow to inspire group we have Wednesday nights, we also have that one-on-one time so that then they are able to work on their personal goals," said lead mentor, Samantha Brock.

But it doesn’t stop there. Recently Daniels revealed her newest project where she now will provide transitional housing to young adults who will not only have a place to stay but will also have the opportunity to take classes to prepare themselves for the future.

"That is just another platform for them to transition to the next level. They will get that essential need of learning how to budget, and credit repair, and things like that," said Daniels.

Since launching the non-profit, Daniels and her team say they’ve seen their hard work pay off with a number of young women that they've mentored.

"I would just talk to her and talk to her because she reminded me so much of myself and she recently just graduated from cosmetology school and she has her own shop now. Like what? That is amazing," said Daniels.

"They do want to push themselves to be the best that they can, and Ms. Daniels...she pushes them," said Brock.

And no matter how tired or discouraged she may feel at times, Daniels says she will always show up for her girls because they always show up for her.

"The ones you don’t think aren’t hearing you, they are hearing you, they aren’t listening, they just need to know someone will always have their back. I always tell myself Mickell all you gotta do is make it into the building. Because you know those girls are going to give you life, and they do it every time...every time," said Daniels.

Daniels says if you’re interested in joining the organization there is currently a waitlist, but you can still sign up. And they’ll hopefully be able to add more girls to the program in May.

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