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If You’re Not Grilling Broccoli This Summer, You’re Seriously Missing Out

If You’re Not Grilling Broccoli This Summer, You’re Seriously Missing Out
Posted at 12:34 PM, Jun 18, 2019

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to fire up the grill and whip up, well, pretty much every meal you might want to eat this season. From hot dogs and hamburgers to foil packets, there are plenty of options for what you can cook over an open flame this season.

We love the summer grilling season. Not only does it give us the perfect excuse to stay outdoors, but it always yields some deliciously cooked meals we can’t achieve in quite the same way when we’re just relying on the oven or a skillet.

There’s just something about seeing burn marks from the grill that makes your food taste better — and that goes for veggies, too. In fact, grilled broccoli can serve as a great side item with plenty of dinners, so you’ll want to throw some on this summer season. Charred broccoli pairs especially well with weeknight dinner staples such as chicken and potatoes, but also serves as a healthy side option for those hot dog and hamburger indulgences.


Broccoli may not have the same salty, crunchy and addictive nature as your usual burger sides — such as potato chips or french fries — but according to Healthline, the veggie is high in many of the nutrients needed in a healthy, well-balanced diet, including fiber, vitamin C and iron. And according to an article in SF Gate, broccoli can be eaten daily, giving you even more of an excuse to throw some on the grill.

As if the health benefits weren’t enough of a reason to incorporate more broccoli into your diet, the endless recipe options will that there’s way more to do with broccoli beyond just steaming it. This recipe from the Rebecca Brand YouTube channel, for instance, demonstrates how adding just a little olive oil and some spices for seasoning can go a long way in creating yummy broccoli that can be paired with grilled chicken or pretty much anything you’re serving up for dinner:

This version from the YouTube channel for America’s Test Kitchen demonstrates how grilling a lemon with your broccoli can serve you well when it comes to the finishing touches. As the lemon cooks, it caramelizes a little, so when the lemon juice is squeezed over the broccoli, it creates a glaze that’s sweet and tangy and just the right accompaniment to the charred vegetable:

With health benefits and tasty recipes like these, there’s no reason not to break out the broccoli and start grilling!

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