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Cruise company wants remote workers to work from sea for 3 years

Cruise company wants remote workers to work from sea for 3 years
Posted at 11:30 AM, Apr 25, 2023

Imagine spending a year or more on a cruise ship, sailing across each of the seven seas as you check experiences off your bucket list and visit nearly every world wonder.

Sounds like a dream, right? Too bad you have to work.

But don’t give up on the dream just yet — if you work remotely, Life at Sea Cruises may have the perfect opportunity for you.

The cruise company is targeting remote workers for a 135-country cruise aboard which passengers can work their regular, full-time remote jobs the whole time.

Life at Sea Cruises

Life at Sea also claims remote workers can keep more of their earnings thanks to the tax benefits of international residence.

And you will be an international resident: This cruise is three years long, during which passengers will visit 375 destinations in 135 countries across all seven continents. The itinerary includes South America and Antarctica and visits the Caribbean, Central America and North America. You’ll go through the North Pacific, Asia, New Zealand and Australia and head to India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and several remote islands. The trip ends with a final tour of the Mediterranean, but not before you spend nearly six months traveling through Europe.

All this sightseeing can be yours — along with a room aboard an all-inclusive cruise ship — starting at about $197,988, or $32,998 per person per year for a standard inside stateroom with double occupancy. This would be for an inside stateroom on the second level, which is the lowest one.

Those who like a little more luxury in their cruise experience can upgrade all the way to a stateroom suite cabin with a balcony for $120,998 per person, per year. For context, one night aboard a luxury cruise line can cost around $857, making a year-long sojourn about $312,805. With those prices in mind, cruising aboard Life at Sea’s ship sounds like a steal!

According to the company’s website, the ship, the MV Gemini, is outfitted just for remote workers with a business center including two meeting rooms, 14 offices, a business library, a lounge and a café. Passengers will have access to Wi-Fi, conference equipment, printers and even staff ready to assist, as well as all the amenities typical of an all-inclusive cruise.

Life at Sea Cruises

The amenities are certainly intended to make working remotely from a cruise ship possible, but make sure such a feat is right for you before signing up. Blogger Billy Hirsch of, who frequently works remotely while traveling, cautions against distractions and temptations.

“Knowing that there are so many great options for entertainment and relaxation just steps away but that you’re stuck working can be mentally taxing and a bit torturous — especially while you know others are enjoying those options on the ship,” writes Hirsch. He also recommends having contingency plans in place to ensure your work gets done.

If working from a cruise ship sounds right for you, applications are open now on the Life at Sea website for the three-year excursion, which departs from Istanbul this November.

Are you ready to set sail?

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