National Dog Day The best of friends. Daisy and Marley!Photo by: Alexandria Johnson National Dog Day Photo by: Ashley DeAngelis National Dog Day Popeye & Dixie enjoying some sun over the weekendPhoto by: Joelle Beder National Dog Day Shotzie is looking for someone to play catch. Photo by: Cindy Shepard National Dog Day This is Moose. Look at that collar! 😍Photo by: Kay Turenne National Dog Day Hello, Bella. Photo by: MoMo Penister National Dog Day This is Elvis out for a walk. Looking good, Elvis! Photo by: Cherie Lee National Dog Day Our viewer rescued this fur baby. Her name is Lainey. Photo by: Sandy Hoffmann National Dog Day This is Charlie. Photo by: Bev Bangs-Johnson National Dog Day Say hello to 'Charlie Bear.'Photo by: Kami Minniear National Dog Day Max and Maddie out for a walk together. Photo by: Carrie Kramer National Dog Day Happy National Dog Day from Bernice & Gertie! 🐾Photo by: Amber Olsen National Dog Day Sleepy pup.Photo by: Julie Faber National Dog Day Say hello to Rex. Photo by: Lauren Moll National Dog Day Little Maggie wears a bow in her hair!Photo by: PAt Kocher Dog Photo by: Jake Rozema becky-benjamin.jpg Check out these three cuties!Photo by: Becky Benjamin jake.jpg Raise your hand if Jake wears a bow tie better than most people you know.Photo by: Kay Klein Turenne nicole-knudson.PNG The ultimate father and son duo.Photo by: Nicole Knutson roscoe.jpg Now, that's a good boy if we've ever seen one! This is Roscoe.Photo by: Sunnie Hirschfield jessica-griggs.jpg Too cute.Photo by: Jessica Griggs julie-geboy.jpg Puppy cuddles.Photo by: Julie Geboy fernanda.jpg This is Fernanda Bella Mes Yeux Vigilants, otherwise known as Mia!Photo by: Robin Chartier-Wandsneider ed.jpg Photo by: Ed Abrams joan-maro.jpg Look at this goober!Photo by: Joan Maro bodie-chico.jpg Meet Bodie and Chico.Photo by: Sharon Ehlen harley.jpg Little Harley.Photo by: Sheila Clemmer danny.jpg Yes, Danny sleeps on a pillow. What about it?Photo by: Melissa Hamilton-Dickinson kelly.jpg Meet Kelly!Photo by: Sheila Clemmer griggs2.jpg Photo by: Jessica Griggs dathrill.jpg Photo by: Phil DaThrill Baecker dawn.jpg Photo by: Dawn Yohr rocky.jpg This is Rocky hanging out in the rocks.Photo by: Angie Kalies Skrentny sophia-mae.jpg Meet Sophie MaePhoto by: Jodi Barthels waldorf-statler.PNG This is Waldorf, Statler and CJ the cat. Apprently CJ thinks he's a dog, so we'll let this one slide.Photo by: Tracy Horan stella.jpg Stella is straight chilling.Photo by: Jackie Bahr chloe-rose.jpg More dogs in clothes! This is Chloe Rose.Photo by: Nancy Munson bailey.jpg Little Bailey curled in a ball.Photo by: Saundra Nowicki brandy.jpg Fur baby Brandy.Photo by: Roberta Perkins leo.jpg Say hi to Leo!Photo by: Emily Krueger dawn-kenzi.jpg Photo by: Dawn Kuenzi kato-bella.jpg Crazy Kato and Bella!Photo by: Erin Peterson sammie.jpg Sammie says "whaaaat?"Photo by: Miriam Dragosz lambeau.jpg Look at Lambeau and his toys!Photo by: Sheila Clemmer mocha.jpg Hi, Mocha!Photo by: Tina Xolot Martin