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Everything You Need to Get Settled Into a New Home

Everything You Need to Get Settled Into a New Home
Posted at 2:00 PM, Aug 26, 2022

Signing the dotted line on a new home can be one of the most exciting moments in life, but it can also feel a little overwhelming. A house is a major purchase and with that comes along a list of other essentials you’ll need to take care of your investment. For example, you might want to order the best carpet shampooer or the best wet dry vacuum cleaner to have on hand.

But don’t let the thrill of purchasing a house turn into anxiousness about all the new things you might need. Whether this is your first rodeo or you’re an old pro, this list can keep you organized and on track.


Take Care Of The Necessities

Before you move in, you’ll want to transfer and activate your utilities, which might include electricity, water, gas, internet, garbage pickup and TV service. Update your mailing address with USPS and have your mail transferred. You’ll also want to alert your banks, credit card companies, place of employment, DMV, etc. of your new address.

Prioritize Cleaning


Before a major move, it’s ideal to have a cleaning service come in for a deep scrub. They can tackle windows and wipe down all the cabinets and baseboards. You can opt for one top-to-bottom clean or cherry-pick your priorities if you’re hoping to save money. For example, you could do a little of the work yourself so you won’t have as much going out the door if, for example, you picked up the best carpet shampooer and scratched that off the cleaner’s to-do list. Then you’d have it on hand for future spills, which could save you a bundle in the long run.

Purchasing the best wet dry vacuum cleaner is another economical home goods purchase because it’s great for quick pickups and also wonderful to have on hand for home renovations.

Pack A Bag

Yes, of course, you’ll be packing boxes, but you also need to pack a bag. Put in a few changes of clothes, toiletries, sleepwear, important documents and precious jewelry and your essential medications. This will help you get through the first few days by eliminating your need to unpack everything ASAP.

Safety First


Once you move in, make sure all your appliances are working properly. Run your dishwasher, check that your refrigerator and freezer are functioning and all your stovetop runners are in good working order. If you had an inspection, which is always highly recommended, there shouldn’t be any surprises.

Locate your shut-off valves and circuit breaker box. At some point in the future, you’ll be glad you know exactly where these things are.

Then change all your door locks. Even though keys are turned over at the closing, you never know if a neighbor or family member might still have one laying around. Consider installing a keyless entry pad for your front door so you can use a keycode rather than a physical key.

You can enjoy settling into your new home more now that you have your essentials down. Make the most out of your move week by taking evening strolls around the block and tasting the cuisine at nearby restaurants.

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