Dragnet: Rare Hanks, Ackroyd rap video unearthed

Posted at 10:45 AM, Nov 28, 2015

Remember the movie, "Dragnet?" In the 1987 film Tom Hanks (Det. Pep Streebek) and Dan Ackroyd (Sgt. Joe Friday) fight crime in Los Angeles. More from

Leave it to the Brits to unearth this gem of a video clip dating from the days when Hanks and Ackroyd made a rap video to help create buzz for the flick.

The Graham Norton show recently reminded Hanks of his rhyming days, and the dance moves choreographed by none other than Paula Abdul! (See the full rap video below)

Sample lyrics (Source:

[Dan Aykroyd] See that, Streebek? We’re just in time
We have stumbled into a major crime
[Tom Hanks] They've got the girl all fright
Now that’s not nice
I think she is the subject of a sacrifice
[Dan Aykroyd] Buddy, we’re putting this party on ice
[Tom Hanks] But first you know we really ought to read 'em their rights
[Dan Aykroyd] Read ‘em their rights
Read ‘em their rights

Watch the full "City of Crime" Video