Wisconsin State Fair organizers focus on safety after Ohio tragedy leaves one dead

Posted at 4:50 PM, Jul 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 10:09:31-04

Following a tragedy at the Ohio State Fair that killed one teen and injured several others, organizers a the Wisconsin State Fair is addressing the public's safety concerns

Organizers at the Wisconsin State Fair say the Fireball ride will not a part of their ride line up this year and the company that provided the rides in Ohio, Amusements of America, is not supplying rides at the state fair here.  

"We don't have one company that comes in and manages the Midway. We manage it ourselves," said Kristi Chuckel with the Wisconsin State Fair. "We have multiple contracts with multiple companies to bring rides into our fair."

Crews in West Allis are in the final stages of setting up the 11 day state fair and ride inspections will start in the next couple of days

"Monday is when the state inspector comes in to check the rides. The inspections will start before that," said Chuckel.

Chuckel says each ride will be inspected 3 times.

The first inspection is done by the ride operator. The second check is from an independent ride inspector and then the state inspector is the third layer of protection.

More than a million people visit the Wisconsin State Fair every year. Opening day is next Thursday.