Sun Fair on south side canceled due to security concerns

Posted at 10:33 PM, May 10, 2018

Organizers of the Sun Fair on Historic Mitchell Street on the south side say the event has been canceled this year because they cannot provide enough security to keep people safe

For decades the Sun Fair has been the staple of Milwaukee's Historic Mitchell Street and it has a lot of memories for people who regularly attend.

"The food. The kids are happy," said Pedro Rojas, a Mitchell Street business owner. 

"They got tacos, tortilla and etc. etc.," said Luis Velez Lopez, a long-time Mitchell Street resident.

"I spend with my kids there. We ride the cars and we eat there," said Roselia Martinez.

But Historic Mitchell Street Business Improve District 4 (BID 4), executive director Nancy Bush said on the last day of the festival last year, multiple fights broke out. 

"The main reason for skipping this year is the concern of not being able to provide enough safety and security," said Bush in a statement.

Martinez, who is the mother of young children, said the fights made her feel unsafe. 

"They were all over the place," said Martinez.

Bush said BID 4, which pays for the festival, cannot afford to hire the additional security. That is because of cutbacks to their operations budget.

But families and businesses owners say it's unfortunate they couldn't find a solution.

"We have a lot more business when the festival is here," said Rojas.

"That's sad," said Martinez.

Bush did say this is just a break and the Sun Fair will be back next year.