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Summerfest Super Fan is geared up for 2018 opening day

Posted: 2:35 PM, Jun 27, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-27 19:35:39Z

MILWAUKEE -- While everyone gets excited for Summerfest, not quite get as pumped up as one Greendale resident. 

"You have no idea how excited I get about it," Art Frey said. "I countdown until Summerfest comes. To me, Summerfest is why we work so hard. It's a time to go out and enjoy life. It's so much fun."
Frey has been going to the Big Gig since 1990. He says his wife got him to go at first but he fell in love with it.

Ever since he's treated the biggest music festival in the world as an opportunity to have fun and catch up with some old friends.

"I talk about Summerfest all year long," Frey said. "One person said I'm the mayor of Summerfest. I've been trying to take more pictures. You want to try and preserve some of that."

Frey has a lengthy Facebook photo album of himself and friends enjoying the festivities. One photo includes dozens of beer cups stacked on on top of another. Frey himself didn't drink all those beers, but it's symbolic of the group enjoying everything the festival has to offer with each other. 

"I have so many memories," Frey said. "I've also had so many memories erased. It is [like Christmas]. I can't get up too early or I'm not going to get enough sleep and make it to the end. It's always fun."

Frey says he tries to go at least five to seven days during Summerfest. He rarely pays for the main stage show because he enjoys all types of music. Though, he did pay for a Pitbull show a few years ago because he's passionate for Zumba and dances to Mr. Worldwide's music all the time. 

"I see a lot of local bands," Frey said. "I've only seen one show in the amphitheater. I went to go see Pitbull. Oh my god, Pitbull is coming. I have to see him. I have danced to so many of his songs, I had to see him."

But Frey's trips to Summerfest epitomize what the Big Gig is all about. 

"It's so much fun," Frey said. "You look around and everyone is having a great time, laughing and living life. It's a time to go out and enjoy life. These days, things are so strange. You don't know if tomorrow will be here. Go enjoy life now. See so many friends I haven't seen in years."

Frey said he'd have trouble sleeping the night before Summerfest because he's so excited. However, he says he'll be one of the first in line for this year's Big Gig.