Sporkie Finalists: Where skinny jeans aren't needed at the Wisconsin State Fair

Posted at 6:39 PM, Aug 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-07 13:57:09-04

Spandex pants are necessary when it comes to eating food at the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair.

Friday TODAY'S TMJ4 embarked on some of the Sporkies finalists, the award that goes to the top foods at the state fair that are unique and unusual.

"I enjoy doing things like this, I like a lot of different kinds of foods and this is a great opportunity to try different things," said one fair goer.

Like the goodness that is sure to leave tomato sauce on your face after one bite, spaghetti and meatball mozzarella sticks. Or the Great Balls of Fire, a sandwich with so many flavors. Sausage, sour cream, stuffing balls, pulled pork and coleslaw.

"The bib is needed if you don't want to wear your food home. It's massive and not only that it's more than enough for two people," said a fair goer.

The Sporkies have eight finalists. This is the year to come to the fair if you love fair food or if you love food in general. There's everything from meat to fruit if deep fried banana's count. It's monkey business.

"It's greasy but it's good," another fair goer said.