Polishfest prepares for hot weekend

Posted at 10:09 PM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 23:26:14-04

The coming heat this weekend is causing a bit of a scramble for organizers and vendors at Polishfest.

People are getting ready to trade in the pants and jackets for shorts and tees at the festival. A big change compared to years past, according to some longtime vendors like Olivia Zajac.

"Normally very rainy, chilly. That's why we always bring lots of sweatshirts people because usually need them," said Zajac.

Organizers called vendors, asking them to switch up their gear for the upcoming heat.

"This is a great problem to have," said Jeff Kuderski, the executive director of Polish Fest. "We've always prepared for cold."

Besides changing up the souvenirs, organizers said they asked vendors to bring lots of cold things to drink.

"Ice is one of the biggest challenges we have right now is to make sure we have enough ice," said Kuderski.

They are also getting the first aid stations ready. Bell Ambulances, which provides services to the grounds, said it will have extra staff and ambulances stocked with water and ice. 

Milwaukee's mayor said people need to take this weekend's heat seriously. 

Find a cool place b/c it is going to be scorching hot, and we ask people to check on their elderly neighbors and friends to make sure their safe as well," said Mayor Tom Barrett.