Milwaukee Alzheimer's choir performs at Summerfest

Posted at 7:09 PM, Jul 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-03 20:09:46-04

Members of a Milwaukee singing group believe music can transform the mind.

The Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute’s Amazing Grace Choir performed at Summerfest’s South Gate entrance area Tuesday afternoon, singing hits from the 50s and other fan favorites. 

Those in the choir either suffer from Alzheimer’s or have loved ones who do. Pearl Cannon is a caretaker for her husband who struggles with the disease. She said this singing group has been life-changing for them both. 

“There’s a stigma there, you know, anything with the mind, the memory, you know we don’t accept it too well,” said Cannon.

“When these families get together it’s a beautiful sound in our community,” said Stephanie Houston with the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute. 

All the choir members have books in front of them so they don’t forget the words to the songs. Members said the music keeps their mind active, but more importantly brings them joy. 

“The music is one of the last thing to go when you have Alzheimer’s, I’m so thankful that we had this group that we can sing in,” said member Ella McKinley 

The choir is free to join. They practice every Saturday at Milwaukee High School of the Arts.