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Local musician proves 'tropical' and 'Milwaukee' do go together

Posted at 3:27 PM, Jun 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-30 16:31:18-04

Plaid Hawaii is everything nerdy, unique, tropical and Midwestern all rolled into one.

The Milwaukee native said performing at Summerfest was a surreal experience. He came here when he was 12 to watch Blink 182, and now he is the one performing.

"It was amazing. I freaking love this place," he said.

He is blazing his own path to musical success. He created his own genre called 'tropadelic.'

"I didn't want to be categorized into a certain kind of music. I figured if I invented my own genre name, I could do whatever I want. It's kind of psychedelic and tropical music."

The name Plaid Hawaii started out as a joke, but he quickly realized it was actually very fitting.

"I was trying to find something unique, and me and my roommate actually had this game where we came up with the most ridiculous DJ names. And when I came up with that one, I was actually like that fits really well," he said. "Plaid is kind of nerdy, and Hawaii is beautiful."

He is planning on making more music this summer and even is going to be the first electronic performer at Jazz in the Park.

TODAY'S TMJ4 talked with the Milwaukee musician, put him through a rapid-fire question round and tried some Summerfest food with him.