It's a busy festival weekend in Milwaukee

Posted at 9:31 PM, Jul 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-30 03:04:42-04

Beautiful weather came just in time for a jam-packed festival weekend in Milwaukee. German Fest, Brewfest and Brady Street Festival were all going on around downtown Milwaukee.

Along Brady Street, burgers were sizzling, music was bumping and tens of thousands were roaming for an ethnically diverse festival.

"We’re showing our Wisconsin spirit, I would say, and we embrace that too," said Andrew Sprewer of Milwaukee.

Sprewer was just one of 80,000 attendees packing the area for grub with street vendors in every direction.

"I’ve had roasted corn, German style brats and vegan style gyros."

Just a short ways away along the lakefront, it was all about the suds.

Brewfest quickly sold out of its 5,000 tickets for the event.

Self-proclaimed beer snob Carlos Valenzuela said attendees had a method in mind with more than 300 beers on tap.

"You try to hit all of the great beers that don't quite import as much as other companies," he said.

Valenzuela has been coming to Brewfest for years. He said the best tip to first-time attendees is to wear snacks on a necklace.

"The indoctrinated secret is you bring these and you'll see walking around, some guys go all out," he said.

Down on the Summerfest grounds people of all ages dressed up to celebrate their heritage.

"Men walking around with the funny hats," said Renee Wolf.

Germanfest is known for its beer and brats. This year, the event added the brawn. It hosted the Stihl Tmbersports U.S. Championships for world class lumberjacks. Event officials said their attendance was up 20-percent from last year.

Katharine Rust's crew traveled to town for all three festivals for her bachelorette party.

“We came in from D.C., Massachusetts, New York because we know what a good time Milwaukee is and I'm trying to make Milwaukee the new Vegas,” she said.