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Heat and storms the story of day two of Bastille Days

Posted at 10:12 PM, Jul 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-13 23:12:24-04

Visitors at day two of the Bastille Days festival in Cathedral Square Park went from dealing with heat to storms. 

The festival draws over 250,000 visitors every year and the iconic Eiffel Tower replica is arguably the most popular spot to hang out and take photos. But if there's any lightning, organizers say they quickly move people out of the park. 

"We don't normally close if it's raining or drizzling but if it does become threatening weather, obviously we evacuate the park and the grounds," said Kim Morris, executive director of the East Town Association that puts on Bastille Days. 

She said they watch the weather radar closely and prepare for anything. 

"We encourage everyone to come down and enjoy and if it does start raining, we have all kinds of great neighborhood bars and taverns that you can go to as well," said Morris. 

Earlier in the day, many people were taking advantage of shaded areas and misting fans to stay cool. 

"It's hot, it's not unbearable," said Rasheed Vinson, who attended Bastille Days with his wife and kids. 

Even with unpredictable weather, many people stopped by for the famous beignets, live music and French culture. 

"It's nice that we represent other cultures that live here," said Naomi Sheperd, who came to Bastille Days with her sister and a French exchange student living with them. 

Leane Delalande says she just arrived in Wisconsin a week ago from France. 

"The Eiffel Tower is smaller than in Paris but it's great," she said.