'Highway 18 Outdoor Theatre' is back for your movie watching pleasure

The drive-in theater usually shows double features
Posted: 11:45 AM, Jun 09, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-09 16:45:44Z

With summer finally showing its face and the temperatures rising above 60 for the first time in what seems like a year, so to are all of the summer traditions we love.

One such tradition has returned to southeast Wisconsin -- as the 'Highway 18 Outdoor Theatre' has opened for the season.

The theater has been a staple in Wisconsin summers, and although it has been very chilly this summer, the theater still opened their doors back in April to accommodate with the demand.

The theater allows guests to watch the movies from the comfort of their cars while watching new releases on a 900-foot screen. 

And the price is unbeatable. While you could expect to pay $11+ for a traditional movie, at 'Highway 18' you can grab a double-feature for only $9. And kids four-years-old and younger get in for free.

The lot does have parking for 600 cars, but they do fill up quickly. To plan your trip, click here to see what movies are playing this summer.