Milwaukee blacksmiths land HISTORY channel show

"Milwaukee Blacksmith" premieres Tuesday
Posted at 8:13 AM, Aug 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-23 20:04:35-04

A local family business is getting national attention. Reality TV show ‘Milwaukee Blacksmith’ premieres Tuesday night on the History Channel.

Inside the Milwaukee Blacksmith shop the Knapps keep their hands moving as fire and iron create useable art.

"Our life is kind of a three-ring circus," said Kent Knapp.

Knapp is the owner of the business, with three sons and a daughter by his side full-time.

"Let's get some little stuff going again please," Knapp shouts to keep the crew busy.

Years ago, Knapp thought they would make a great reality TV show.

"I've actually been putting this idea out to the world for four or five years," he said.

The History Channel somehow caught wind. 

"They liked the fact that we were not only blacksmiths, but a family," said Knapp.

Not long after the initial call, the Knapp’s workload tripled.

"We did about a year's worth of work in the four months of filming," he said.

Knapp said the whole idea behind the show is to share how one of the world's oldest professions is still a thriving business for some.  

"This is still a craft that happens all across the world and every day," Knapp added.

Over the next five weeks, their skills will be watched across the country. For the kids, it’s just starting to sink in.

“It all kind of crept up on me yesterday that thousands of people are going to see me on TV," said Zoey Rae.

"It's kind of mind-blowing, but it's a great thing," added Knapp.

‘Milwaukee Blacksmith’ airs back-to-back Tuesday nights from 9:00-10:00 on the History Channel. The Knapp's plan to be surrounded by 500 to 1,000 fans at the Milwaukee Alehouse for the premiere episodes.

For the full conversation with Knapp on Wisconsin's Morning News, click in the Soundcloud player above.