'Deadpool 2' doubles down on laughs, thrills (MOVIE REVIEW)

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Posted at 9:06 AM, May 18, 2018
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After the rage and tears fans endured in the exhausting, exhilarating "Avengers: Infinity War," comic book movie fans need a good laugh. "Deadpool 2" provides just that.

A blisteringly funny follow-up to the surprise 2016 smash, the sequel is a pure, unbridled expression of the comedic stylings of Ryan Reynolds, who had a hand in producing and writing. The fact that his expressions are covered up in a mask most of the time doesn't detract from his easygoing command. To watch the "Deadpool" films is to experience a comedic master at the height of his powers.

Just as with the first movie, the humorous creativity is at play from the opening to closing credits, with dastardly joyous surprises popping out of every corner of the screen.

There are so many references and fast-talking verbal gymnastics at play that you probably need to watch the movie multiple times to truly appreciate the intricacies and various levels on which the gags register. The movie gives the most to those who are obsessed with the comic book film culture to which the movie takes a satirical katana chops at Marvel, DC and even Reynolds himself to a pulp.

As is the case with better comedies, the plot serves the humor, never detracting from the comedic momentum. The story is well-told enough to generate some semblance of an emotional core, but even that is mocked ferociously. Deadpool does show a bit of character development in this outing, showing a softer side when it comes to romantic love and fatherly guidance of young mutants. But at his core, Deadpool is still the death-dealing court jester that comic book fans have adored for decades.

From the outset, the indestructible, motormouthed mercenary declares that despite the bombardment of dirty jokes, this is indeed a "family film," which itself is a joke that lays the groundwork for laughs to come later on. 

That's the genetic makeup of "Deadpool 2," which boasts mutant powers for eliciting abs-shredding laughter. If you can't handle dirty jokes, stay far, far away. But for everyone else, take a cannonball jump into this Deadpool. The water's fine.

RATING: 4 stars out of 4.

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