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Winery Has A Dog Delivering Wine To Customers’ Cars To Promote Social Distancing

Winery Has A Dog Delivering Wine To Customers’ Cars To Promote Social Distancing
Posted at 2:30 PM, Apr 06, 2020

Social distancing guidelines to help curb the spread of the coronavirus has made all of us change our normal routines. Even ordinary errands like getting groceries have been turned a little upside down. And, small businesses are really having to think outside the box to stay connected with their customers while keeping them a safe distance away by adding delivery or curbside pickup for items.

One Maryland business, The Stone House Urban Winery, not only got creative with its curbside delivery but also recruited an unusual employee to get the job done. Say hello to Soda Pup, an 11-year old Brindle boxer!

Soda Pup usually greets the customers who come into the shop to pick up some wine. However, since the shop had to close for regular in-person shopping due to the coronavirus, the owners knew their good boy could lend a hand (or four paws.) The shop posted on Facebook about their newest delivery dog on March 20.

“So, mom has been filling me in on this COVID-19 virus thing and she says that it is REALLY affecting small businesses like our little winery,” Soda Pup “writes” in the post. “Mom says that we all have to pitch in and pull our weight, that includes me as well.”

Customers can call ahead to The Stone House Urban Winery to place their orders. And, as long as its only one or two wine bottles, Soda Pup will carry out the order directly to the car in his new saddle bag! Also tucked into the bag is a treat for Soda Pup, so the customer can give it to him for a job well done.

His hard work is paying off for the small business. The phone orders have been coming in constantly with normal customers and even some new ones thanks to all the publicity the top dog is receiving!

“We’ve had people call in just specifically to have Soda Pup bring wine out to them. People who have never even been here before,” Yata told WJLA.

The Stone House Winery will continue to post updates on Soda Pup on social media during his work shifts and as he meets old friends and makes new ones!

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