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Crossing Generations: Keeping the corner safe with a smile

Judy LaCount became a crossing guard in 1980 and has stayed one to this day
Judy LaCount
Judy LaCount - Neenah Crossing Guard
Posted at 5:37 AM, Jan 13, 2023

NEENAH (NBC 26) — Judy LaCount became a crossing guard in 1980 and has stayed one to this day.

“Well, my grandkids were growing up and I had taken care of my mom and she passed away and I was looking for something to do,” said LaCount.

When asked why she had stayed a crossing guard for so many years, LaCount replied, “It gets to be a habit… I guess it gets in your blood actually you know.”

But the number of years Judy has been a crossing guard isn’t the best part of this story. Last fall, a woman approached Judy while she was working, and said this:

“Hi Judy, do you remember me?”

And Judy responded, “Oh heaven’s sake.”

She realized the two had a connection that had lasted generations.

“We’ve lived here for like eight years so I would see her and be like oh I remember her, I remember Judy.”

The woman’s name is Kristen Musser, and she was once a student Judy would guide safely across the street.

“I just remember Judy being super nice, always very friendly,” said Musser.

That was nearly three decades ago.

“My oldest daughter is in kindergarten this year, so this is the first year we’re really walking to school,” said Musser.

Now Judy is guiding Kristen’s daughter across the street the same way she did for her, all those years ago.

Kristen’s kids feel the same love for Judy that she does.

“My kids love her, they adore her. I mean they argue over who can hold her hand when they’re crossing the street,” said Musser. “She makes sure that we’re safe, but there’s more to it than just safely crossing the street right. She’s a happy face to see, the first one you see in the morning and the last one you see at the end of the day.”

Judy has kept the corner of Third and Forest safe with a smile, for 43 years.