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Hotel’s chocolate speakeasy is like a real-life Candyland

Hotel’s Chocolate Speakeasy Is Like A Real-Life Candyland
Posted at 7:00 AM, May 06, 2020

A little-known fact about hotels is that a lot of them, especially the historic ones, are hiding speakeasies. Old mailrooms or coat closets are transformed into secret Prohibition-style bars that require a passcode or some sleuthing to discover.

But, swapping cocktails for chocolate, a newly opened hotel in the Caribbean has a chocolate speakeasy that feels a lot like a real-life Candyland and aren’t we all fantasizing about a sweet escape right about now?

Club Med Michés Playa Esmeralda is a luxury all-inclusive resort that debuted late last year on a coveted stretch of beach along the northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic. While dining at Cacao & Co., a family restaurant on the property, guests can receive clues to help them crack the code to enter what it calls a “children’s speakeasy.” Once they punch in the correct code, magical doors will swing open featuring a spectacle of sounds and light and granting unlimited access to a room full of sweets.

The Secret Chocolate Room is lined with candy jars. Ice cream, cake and other treats are involved. Plus, chocolate fountains flow freely and guests can dip marshmallows and other treats into the chocolate. Club Med Michés Playa Esmeralda has teamed up with Xocolat, a Dominican chocolate company that creates custom treats for the hotel using the island’s cacao beans.

About 1 1/2 hours from the airport in Punta Cana, Michès may be the next up-and-coming spot in the Dominican Republic—that is, when travel resumes.

Club Med Michés Playa Esmeralda

The relaxed Caribbean destination retains an unspoiled natural beauty — with waterfalls to swim underneath and humpback whales to watch as, every year between January and March, they commute to the warmer waters.

Montaña Redonda, which translates to “rounded mountain,” has swings at the top that grant you access to views of the lush landscape (should you dare to ask someone to give you a push!) Here’s an image from my own Instagram at @brittanyanas33:

As far as other family-friendly amenities go, Club Med Michés Playa Esmeralda also has a kid’s club, a water park for children, and a trapeze school so guests can learn the circus arts. Teens might enjoy the jetboards that zip along the coast (no surfing skills required).

While the Club Med hotel is currently closed through May 31, 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s fun to dream about where you’ll vacation next. Is this decadent chocolate destination at an all-inclusive luxury resort on your must-see list?

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