How to resolve medical billing issues

Posted at 6:35 AM, Nov 19, 2020

Medical billing problems are some of the most common complaints that our office receives.

Sometimes it is a simple billing error or communication issue that can be resolved quickly. But, if you continue to have problems, here are a few things that you can do:

Most important, do not ignore unpaid bills. If you wait too long, the bill could end up in collection, making a billing dispute difficult to resolve.

If the information on the bill seems vague, contact the provider to ask for more details about the type of service provided, billing codes, name of the insurer that the claim was submitted to, and claims status.

One of the most common errors occurs when the wrong insurance company is billed.

If a claim was denied, contact the insurer to ask why. Sometimes it is a coding issue, not enough information provided, or a special circumstance that may require an appeal.

If you are getting conflicting information between the provider or insurer, ask for a supervisor.

If possible, try to facilitate a three-way call with the provider, insurer, and you.

A three-way conversation can help all parties to get a better understanding of the issue, and a plan for resolution.

If you believe that you are not responsible for the bill, do not give up.

Continue to file appeals, reach out to patient advocates, and if necessary, get legal help

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