How to protect your privacy when using smart devices

Posted at 5:40 PM, Mar 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-05 18:41:00-05

MILWAUKEE -- When we buy something that connects to the internet, we are often so anxious to get things like toys, televisions and home devices up and running quickly, that we fail to think about how the technology used in these devices could invade our privacy or harm us.

If we are not careful, these devices could be used to spy on us, put us at risk for security breaches, target us with unwanted ads or wreak havoc with our everyday lives.

Here are some examples of how our privacy or security could be jeopardized:

Some devices that have microphones or cameras could be used to spy on us.

Others collect data that can be used for security breaches or watching our patterns and sending unwanted ads, or allowing devices to be turned on or off remotely.

If you get hacked, a criminal could use cameras, microphones or technology to spy on you or check out your home, watch patterns of when you may or may not be home, turn off lights and security devices that could help them to break in or use account information connected to these devices to hack other accounts.

To protect our privacy and keep things more secure, read the privacy policies when you are setting things up so that you know the risks.

Keep your Wi-Fi network secure. Use strong passwords and change them frequently for your Wi-Fi and smart devices. Limit the information that you share online. And, when devices are not in use, disconnect them from Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

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