How to avoid returned equipment fees

Posted at 6:16 PM, Aug 27, 2019

If you are canceling cable, home security or other services, it is likely that you will need to return equipment. But, sometimes there are glitches that can result in getting hit with some hefty fees.

Some of the more common complaints involve consumers being billed for equipment that they state they returned, but the company shows no record of. Sometimes it takes a bit for the return to show up. But, some consumers have had this issue going on for several months, with companies refusing to investigate, telling consumers that they are being charged because they missed a deadline for the return, and in some cases, having this bill sent to a collection agency.

If you are returning equipment, here is what you can do to avoid having a problem later:

Follow the protocol for returning everything within the specified time period. Common reasons for being charged include the return not arriving in time, or there were pieces missing such as cables or remotes.

If you are returning items in person, get a receipt that documents all items that were returned and confirm that your return is complete. If you need to return with a prepaid label, make sure that you box things up, and take a picture of the box with the label for future reference. When you are shipping it back, ask the post office or other shipping company if they can provide you with a receipt or some method for proving that the contents were sent and received by the company.

If you run into a dispute over returned equipment, ask for a manager and offer to send copies of your receipt and information from the label for tracking the package. If you are unable to resolve this issue with a manager, contact our Call4Action office for help.