Call 4 Action: How to track down a retirement account

Posted at 6:34 AM, Jan 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-21 07:34:38-05

If you or a deceased loved one retired or left a company, you may be wondering if there are benefits available from a pension or 401k plan.

If you are trying to locate these funds, here are a few things that you can try:

The best way to start the process is to locate any statements or documents that may reference a previous employer or retirement plan.

If you are unable to find documents or statements, an old W-2 or tax return could help.

If you have the employer’s contact information, their benefits department should be able to help with the claims process.

However, if the company has changed its name, location, or gone out of business, this could be challenging, but you might be able to get help by contacting theUS Department of Labor’s Employee Benefit Security Administration.

If the retirement plan included annuities, search thelife insurance and annuity policy locator service offered through the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

You might also want to search unclaimed property databases in any state where you or your loved one has lived.

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