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You’ll Want To Add These Color-changing Ceramic Pumpkins To Your Fall Decorations

You’ll Want To Add These Color-changing Ceramic Pumpkins To Your Fall Decorations
Posted at 7:00 AM, Sep 14, 2019

Love decorating for Halloween with pumpkins but hate the mess that comes with carving them? If so, you are definitely going to want to pick up some of these color-changing pumpkins. They require nothing but batteries and have zero ooey-gooey pumpkin guts!

The pumpkins from The Lakeside Collection are far from your typical Halloween pumpkin. In fact, they’re not even orange! Their translucent material glows as the colors cycle through shades of blue, purple, green and red. They also come in two different silhouetted Halloween scenes — pick between witches stirring a cauldron or a haunted house.

The Lakeside Collection

The haunted house-themed pumpkin is 6.5 inches tall, so it is rather short and fairly round. It is priced at $14.99. The witch-themed pumpkin is bigger, at 9.5 inches tall, and costs $2 more. Get it for $16.99. Both pumpkins are 7.5 inches in diameter.

While each one is adorable on its own, the pumpkins are even cuter together! They would look great as a centerpiece on your dining table or on display in a window. These decorations are made of cold-cast ceramic, so you’ll want to keep them away from pets and kids as they may break easily.

The Lakeside Collection

If you’d rather have real pumpkins as decor this year but still without the mess, Target is selling adorable no-mess decorating kits for $10. Just some of the kits you’ll find include “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “PAW Patrol” and Cinderella. You can also get some smaller kits for just $3, including a unicornwitch and llama.


You may also want to take a look at this list of 11 no-carve ways to decorate a pumpkin. While you will have tocut into it and make a mess for one of the ideas — using them as flower holders — you don’t even have to cut the stems off for the others. Add colorful push-pins or wrap them in cheesecloth like a mummy. Or simply paint to decorate! These options all look much easier than carving a jack-o’-lantern.

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Will you be decorating with real pumpkins this year or going the easier route? The color-changing pumpkins from The Lakeside Collection make a great, convenient alternative!

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