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7 ways to update your home without major renovations

7 ways to update your home without major renovations
Posted at 12:20 PM, Sep 22, 2022

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You might think that making significant changes to your home has to cost a fortune. You could choose to do major renovations like overhauling your kitchen or bathroom that can run thousands of dollars. However, big changes to your home don’t have to mean big budget expenses!

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, my husband and I wanted to start making improvements to the home we were spending so much time in. We didn’t have a bunch of money socked away to get major work done but noticed a variety of small projects that needed tackling. As we crossed them off our list, we started to feel a big impact on how our home looked and felt.


With a little time investment, a bit of know-how and not a lot of money, you can make a huge impact on your home’s style and comfort.

Here are seven ideas to get you inspired to start transforming your home without breaking the bank.

Change Your Window Treatments

When is the last time you changed out your blinds and curtains? A home’s windows can set the style and tone of a room. In our home, when I took a moment to look at our windows, I noticed the curtains were heavy and really brought down the room. The blinds also needed updating.

When looking for the best blinds for windows, you want them to keep out sunlight, have a variety of styles, and, importantly, have child safety features. You can get all of these features with our top-rated selection on our best blinds list, the Cordless Light Filtering Mini Blind by Achim. These are available on Amazon for just $14.83 per window for the 27-inch-width model.


Once you have the best blinds for your windows sorted out, it’s on to curtains. Curtain styles come in all varieties and patterns. You can get blackout curtains to keep all the light out if you like it dark at night. But, for living spaces, it’s nice to have a lighter fabric that lets a little light filter into the room while still giving you the privacy that you want. Make sure to measure your window’s height and width to select the best pair of curtains for your home.

Add A Touch Of Color With Paint

One of the biggest transformations we made in our home was by changing the paint colors in a few rooms. Yes, it required some time and a little sweat equity, but the results were so worth it. Plus, the cost was minimal.

After picking up some new brushes, rollers, pans, tape, tarps and, of course, the paint, we spent less than $300 to update four rooms in our house: two bedrooms, the family room and a bathroom. We were able to reuse all the materials (except the paint, of course).


A new color can bring life to a dull room. And, even if you don’t want to paint all the walls, you can choose to do an accent wall to give that pop of color.

Paint a Faux Granite Kitchen Countertop

Replacing a kitchen countertop can cost thousands of dollars, especially if you opt for granite. It looks fabulous, but granite isn’t in everyone’s budget.

If you want the look of a granite countertop but not the price tag, try creating a faux granite top with a specialty paint kit.


For only $110 on Amazon, you can pick up the Giani Countertop Paint Kit. It comes with everything you need to transform your old, boring countertop into something stunning you’ll be proud to show off.

Add New Lighting To Your Home

We’ve already talked about lighting in your home from the natural source: windows. However, the lamps in your home should serve both as functional pieces and add some flair to your space.

There are so many different styles to choose from, including floor and table lamps, hanging light fixtures, dimmable lighting, track lighting and more. Each type of lighting casts a different glow into a room and can even be a conversation piece of furniture for a room.

Some lamps even have built-in storage, like this LED Modern Shelf Floor Lamp that we list as one of our top choices from Amazon. Right now, it’s on sale for $49.99 (regular price: $69.99) and its design has a nice modern flair plus provides vertical storage for your living room or family room.


It also comes with three color temperature settings to give homeowners a choice of lighting styles. So, whether you like a cool vibe or something a little warmer, this lamp will shine the right light for your mood.

Update Your Cabinet Hardware

Want to update your kitchen cabinets, but don’t have thousands of dollars in the budget? While you’re saving up for that massive overhaul, try updating those cabinets and doors with new hardware.

It might seem like a small detail to consider. However, you can get a big design bang for less money by adding some new flair to your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

It doesn’t matter if you like traditional or contemporary styles. You can find cabinet hardware that has lots of embellishments or is sleek and modern. All you need is the new hardware and either a screwdriver or drill.


And the low cost will surprise you! We found a variety of handles on Amazon that range from $1 to $5 each. Most of them come in multipacks that allow you to change out an entire set of cabinets for a minimal cost.

Update Your Faucets

You’ve swapped out your kitchen and/or bathroom cabinet hardware. Now it’s time to give that sink an easy upgrade with new fixtures.

A new faucet and fixtures can transform even the most basic sink into a style centerpiece of the kitchen or bathroom.  You don’t even have to swap out the basin to get a wow factor.


Again, you have a wide variety of styles to choose from to update your faucet. Many of them start at less than $100, so let your budget and your dreams be your guide!

Add Crown Molding to a Room

If you’ve already painted a room and it still needs a little more zing, add some crown molding. This affordable finish gives any room more dimension by simply adding an eye-catching feature and some elegance.


Many DIYers take on crown molding as a weekend project. The experts at This Old House provide some great tips on what materials to choose and how to install them with minimal hassle.

Any of these projects can add new life to your home. And, if you decide to jump in and tackle a number of them (one at a time, of course), you will be surprised with what you can accomplish. Plus, you’ll get the chance to experience a home you didn’t know you had!

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