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10 Must-read Tips For Camping In The Rain

10 Must-read Tips For Camping In The Rain
Posted at 8:14 AM, Jul 02, 2019

It seems as if each year, the rain last longer and longer. As a result, campgrounds have been especially soggy. And who wants to camp in the mud?

There’s no need to skip your next camping trip, though. We have plenty of tips for getting around any camping woes caused by rain.

1. Finding The Right Campsite Is The Top Priority

Elevation is key if you’re camping in a tent near a lake or body of water. You want to be in a place where the water will drain away from your tent. REI Co-op offers this tip: Face your tent toward the morning sun. You’ll be happier when you exit your tent on rainy mornings.


2. Avoid Putting Your Belongings Underneath A Tree

Especially your tent and sleeping gear. Aim for the most open space possible. It’ll keep you drier.

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3. Set Up A Clothesline For Your Clothes

Hang clothing by weight, intermittently. Don’t put heavy, wet towels all on one line or the whole line will be pulled down. Instead, alternate lighter clothes in between the towels.


4. Purchase Hand Warmers

Not only will these be good to stick inside your gloves, but you can use them to pre-heat your socks and shoes.


5. Bring What You Need To Make Warm Beverages

You may get chilly in the rain, and a cup of coffee, hot cocoa or tea may be the key to feeling better. Consider having hearty soups for meals.

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6. Sleeping Pads Are Essential

Put them under your sleeping bags to insulate you from the ground, where moisture will likely stay if the rain continues.


7. Purchase Gaiters

Gaiters are rain covers that go on your legs and cover the tops of your shoes to keep the water away from your feet. If your feet are cold, your body is cold. Protect those puppies!


8. Use The Restroom Before Bed

And try to do so even if you don’t have the urge to go. That way, you won’t have to open up your sleeping bag in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning in order trek to the toilets to empty your bladder.


9. Layer Up

The more protection you have from the rain, the warmer you’ll stay and the less likely it is that you’ll feel water on your skin.


10. Set Up A ‘Living Room’

Use an overhead tarp, put chairs underneath it and set up a table. Keep your food there if you can (insulated from animals smelling it, of course) and spend the rainy times there. Take board games, books and a battery-powered radio for entertainment.


Camping in the rain can be fun if the supplies are right. Happy trails!

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