Where do Community Baby Shower items go?

Donations disbursed to 11 local organizations

Items donated to the TODAY'S TMJ4 Community Baby Shower go to 11 local organizations in need.

One of those is Safe Babies Healthy Families of Easter Seals in Waukesha.

Keara Flaherty is a graduate of the Safe Babies program and remembers when she first found out she was pregnant.

"I found out a week before my senior year so I was just trying to graduate," Flaherty said.

Through her high school, she was connected to Safe Babies Healthy Families and her caseworker, Lindsey.

"I just remember it was the first time I could be excited to have a baby," Flaherty said. "Because everyone else was asking what my plans were, what I had done, what was I thinking, and she let me just be excited."

But along with the excitement came tough talk about how to prepare to bring a new life into the world.

"She would bring me information like, getting set up on insurance. Just this stuff you don't think of," Flaherty said.

Keara also learned about the Safe Babies Healthy Families store. It's filled with items donated to the Community Baby Shower.

"They earn something called baby bucks," Lindsey Wilson, Keara's caseworker, said. "They can use that to purchase things in this store like diapers and wipes and clothes."

Flaherty said she has also used it for items that aren't top of mind, "There's been things like his first winter, I didn't have a coat until I came here."

There are 11 current recipients of items from the TODAY'S TMJ4 Community Baby Shower. They are: Lake Mills Food Pantry, Big Foot Food Pantry, Sojourner Family Peace Center, Outreach Community Health Center, New Horizon Center, La Causa Crisis Nursery, Women's Center of Waukesha, Safe Babies Healthy Families, Gerald Ignace Health Center, Christ Child Society, and the Port Washington Food Pantry.

The Community Baby Shower is Friday, January 19th. Drop off baby items at any area Sentry Store or here at TODAY'S TMJ4 at 720 E Capitol Drive in Milwaukee.

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