Undefeated Milwaukee King earns Team of the Week

Milwaukee King is sort of like this season's Packers.  They don't know what it's like to lose.  The undefeated Generals are the only city conference team to advance in the playoffs showing that so far, they've earned that No. 2 seed.

“They're deserving of it,” expressed Thomas Wozniak Head Coach of the Generals.  “Not everybody in that seed meeting agreed that we should be the two seed, but the teams that mattered agreed with it, so it's kind of nice to walk out of there and feel like maybe you've earned some of the respect from outside the city that maybe you didn't get before.”

Last year King also went undefeated in the regular season and won a playoff game.  That hadn’t been done at the school since 1996.

“And we felt like we had to just kind of carry over through the summer and just try to get better, so I'm very pleased with our results so far,” said senior left guard Myles Crosby.  “We just kind of felt like that the one way to get to where we wanted to be is was if we had a real relationship with each other, so we each took our time to really build relationships with one another and each unit of the team.  Offensive line we really stick together as a family, defensive line we stick together as a family.”

And even before a single game had been played, Wozniak knew there was something special about this group.

“I even came home one week after school, or one day after practice and told my wife I was like, 'We might be better than we were last year,'” coach recounted.  “And that kind of says a lot because we lost some key guys last year and these guys really stepped up and got better.”

They’ve already knocked off Milwaukee Washington in Round one of the playoffs.  Next up: Marquette University.

“I feel like this year we could go all the way as far as the playoffs go,” expressed senior defensive lineman Jawaun Battle.  “It's just like the mindset because everyone, since they've been playing together for a while, they've just had a connection and everything's just working out like perfectly.”

Congratulations, Milwaukee King Generals you're TMJ4’s Frenzy Team of the Week. 

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