Schlundt eschews dad's school, becomes a Badger

Redshirt fresman's father played for Marquette

T.J. Schlundt grew up in Oconomowoc, his dad played basketball at Marquette, but the redshirt freshman always knew his style of play was best suited for the Badgers.

“It's a dream come true,” T.J. said.  “My dad playing at Marquette, and we kind of always went to Marquette games.  He was a season ticket holder, but in the back of my head I was still a big Badger fan and it really is just a dream come true.”

And he worked hard to make that dream a reality, and part of that hard work was making the decision to finish high school St. John's Northwestern Military Academy.

“To this today, that's probably the toughest decision I've ever had to make,” T.J. explained.  “The competition that the St. John's team was playing was a lot different, a lot more competitive and was getting me more ready for the college Division I level.”

But he’s always been ready to be a Badger.  So how is T.J. a Badger fan when dad's going to Marquette and he’s growing up around that?

“Yeah, I mean in high school people were always telling me my playing style fit the Wisconsin play style more than the Marquette, so it was kind of always just in my head like maybe but then it happened,” T.J. responded.

So what did dad have to say when he told him that he was going to Wisconsin?

“Oh my gosh,” T.J. exclaimed.  “He didn't say he was hurt but you could tell he was hurt, but he was always supportive of the decision I made and he's still supportive of me.”

At Marquette, Terrell Schlundt was co-captain with current NBA Head Coach Doc Rivers.  Terrell was drafted in 1983 by the Dallas Mavericks and was even recruited by Coach Bo Ryan.

“He said that the biggest thing was just how hard he [Terrell] worked and how hard he went and that's something that he kind of wants to see out of me is just always 100 percent, never letting the foot off the pedal,” T.J. described.  “I think I have a pretty confident three-point shot that I think people can see this year,” T.J. said.  “I’ve definitely been improving this whole off season.  I'm really ready to go.” 

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