Why Sleep is So Important and How to Get Your Best Rest

When it comes to our health, many people mainly focus on exercise and eating right. While those are important, sleep, and its impact on our health, is often overlooked. Getting the right amount of quality sleep affects so many aspects of our life, and it’s vital to have the right equipment to get your best rest. Tiffany recently visited the beautiful Verlo showroom at the Mayfair Collection to learn about the importance of sleep and how Verlo works to find the right pillow and mattress for everyone.

All through March, Verlo is holding its annual Mismatch Sale! During Mismatch, Verlo uses fabrics that are discontinued or overstocked. Everything inside the mattress stays the same. Put a sheet on it, and the only thing you'll notice are the savings! For more information, visit Verlo.com or call 800-224-VERLO.

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