A Trio of Steak Flavors on the Same Plate

Sometimes for dinner, you just need a nice, juicy steak. But then again, sometimes you want a variety of flavors on your plate. Well, Chef Mike Stigler from Thunder Bay has you covered! He's back in our kitchen whipping up their Beef Tenderloin Steak Trio: Three medallions of grilled beef tenderloin, each topped with a different butter crust; one with Parmesan, one with Blue Cheese, and one with Bacon butter crust. They are set atop Béarnaise sauce, and served with Roasted Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus.

Thunder Bay Grille is serving up their tasty Corned Beef & Cabbage all day on St. Patrick's Day this Friday. They will also have Irish drink features that day as well! For more information and to make reservations, visit ThunderBayGrille.com.

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