The Perfect Books for Dog Lovers

Dog lovers love everything about dogs: dog movies, dog videos, and even dog books. There are many classic books about dogs - "Lassie", "Marley and Me", "Because of Winn Dixie" - but if you're having a "ruff" day, these books are for you! Our book reviewer Carole Barrowman is back with some dog book recommendations that you many not have known.

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1. “Being A Dog: Following the Dog into a World of Smell” by Alexandra Horowitz - The author is a research scientist in the field of animal cognition. This book is engaging and informative and if you’re serious about understanding the influence of smell on your dog’s behavior, it’s a must read. I love what this reviewer wrote about it: “I'm not entirely certain whether Alexandra Horowitz's Being a Dog has made me want to buy a dog or morph into one.”


2. “Harry the Dirty Dog” by Gene Zion - This is a classic picture book and anyone who loves a dog should own this entire series, especially since it’s Harry’s 50th birthday, and, yes, he’s still a pretty dirty dog.


3. “Dog On It” by Spencer Quinn - This is the first book in a charming mystery series featuring Bernie, a private investigator and his Heinz 57 mix, Chet, who tells the story. Chet failed K-9 school. Cats were involved. In this first case they help find a missing teenager. After you read this you’ll be… begging for more of Chet and Bernie. The titles are as fun as the books (eg. “Paw and Order,” “To Fetch A Thief”)


4. “The Mountaintop School for Dogs And Other Second Chances” by Ellen Cooney - This novel is funny and full of quirky doggy characters and just as interesting human ones too. The Sanctuary is a rescue shelter for dogs, but it’s also a place where humans learn to heal, thanks to the dogs, of course.


5. “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein - This is a touching, funny, bittersweet novel with another dog narrator. Enzo is a philosopher at heart. He’s at the end of his life he’s reflecting on all that he’s done to keep his family together. A dog’s bond to his family and the meaning of loyalty are the key themes. If you have a dog, you’ll look at him or her a bit differently after reading this.

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