Tanya Brown Talks Overcoming Difficult Life Events

We Chat with the Sister of Nicole Brown Simpson

More than 20 years ago, someone killed Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Their deaths and the trial against OJ Simpson caused a media frenzy. Nicole's sister, Tanya Brown, joins us to talk about life after those events. She has authored 2 books to help people overcome difficult, traumatic situations. She is a voice against domestic violence and a motivational speaker, and she's in town for a great local event.

Tanya is the keynote speaker at a luncheon for The Women's Center. For more information on The Women's Center and the services they provide, visit TWCwaukesha.org and you can call their 24 hour hotline at (262) 542-3828. For more information on Tanya and her books, visit TanyaBrown.net.

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