Going Gold in September for Childhood Cancer

Annie Bartosz, a sophomore at Arrowhead High School, created Gold In September® after watching her twin brother, Jack, battle cancer for seven years. With Jack’s passing at the age of ten, Annie turned her grief into action. She became determined to turn the world gold in September, with gold and September being the nationally recognized color and month for childhood cancer awareness. Joining us with an update on this organization and how you can get involved, even beyond December, is Annie' mom and Gold in September President Sarah Bartosz.

G9 Penny Wars is a week-long project in a school setting that is designed to inspire youth philanthropy, leadership and social entrepreneurship while supporting the mission of Gold In September® to color the world gold so every child, everywhere will survive cancer. Penny Wars is going on now through April 1. For more information, visit GoldinSeptember.com.

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