Beautiful and Durable Options for Your Deck

In Wisconsin, we take our outdoor living seriously. That's why having a deck that is less maintenance and can withstand our winters is such a comforting idea. Nobody wants to spend time sanding and staining their deck every year! Joining us with a couple of great decking solutions is Philip Schumacher with Hallmark Building Supplies. He's joined by Kristine Hillmer to chat about the MBA Parade of Homes, where you can see some of this great decking in person!

To learn more about all Hallmark Building Supplies has to offer, visit, or visit to get samples of decking products.

The MBA Parade of Homes is taking place August 12 through September 4. These Parade of Homes have a Fortress Deck™:

- Tim O'Brien Homes: Highlander Estates, Mequon

- Steeple Pointe Homes: Highlander Estates, Mequon*

*In the above video, the Steeple Pointe Homes Location featuring Fortress Deck™ was listed at the Hartland Parade location. It has been moved to the Highlander Estates location in Mequon.

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