A Great Time to Wine and Dine at Thunder Bay Grille

Cooking up Chicken Marsala Ravioli with Chef Mike!

For years we've been well aware of all the deliciousness on Thunder Bay Grille's menu, but they are also a destination for a fantastic wine selection! Once again, they've won the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for their wine list. Chef Mike Stigler is back to discuss a special event they're hosting to celebrate the award, and to cook up a tasty chicken dish... and wine is an ingredient! It's Chicken Marsala Ravioli: Ravioli filled with chicken, roasted mushrooms, Marsala wine, cream, and green peas, garnished with Asiago cheese, served with crusty bread.

Thunder Bay's Wine Spectator Award Celebration is taking place on Thursday, October 26 from 5pm to 8pm. For more information, visit ThunderBayGrille.com.

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