Congresswoman Moore talks about her plans as Democrats prepare to take control of the House

It's back to Congress for Milwaukee Democrat Rep. Gwen Moore as Democrats also take back the House.

Moore told TODAY'S TMJ4 she is seeking a new high profile role as Democrats look to challenge President Donald Trump on a number of fronts.

"Democracy does not work unless people vote," said Moore.

Milwaukee voters overwhelming sent her back to Congress for an 8th term. Democrats now control the House while Republicans hold the Senate.

"I do believe we can start having bipartisan conversations," said Moore.

Moore says she is seeking a hard to get high profile committee assignment on the House Committee on Ways and Means, the chief tax-writing committee.

She opposed the GOP tax cuts that gave big tax breaks to corporations.

"I've never voted for a perfect bill," said Moore. "But this has got to be one that is the least perfect. So we are going to look at the tax bill."

Moore says House Democrats will focus on protecting any cuts or changes to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and health care.

She's now confident Wisconsin, under new leadership of Gov.-elect Tony Evers, will take the Medicaid expansion money that Gov. Scott Walker turned down.

"We have lost a billion dollars in not taking the Medicaid expansion money, only to insure fewer people," Moore said.

House Democrats are also talking about investigating Trump's tax returns and holding him accountable. While Moore supports impeachment, she doesn't think it will happen.

"We are more in search of the truth and supporting Mueller's investigation," said Moore, "than going through a political process that might be upended in the Senate.

After the election, outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan issued a statement:

"We don't need an election to know that we are a divided nation, and now we have a divided Washington. As a country and a government we must find a way to come together to find common ground and build on the successes of this Congress."

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