Exclusive: Tito, Marlon Jackson still entertaining as well as serving others

They've been called the most famous musical family in the world - the Jackson's were in town for the Grand Slam Charity Jam last weekend. 

In an exclusive interview, they talked to TODAY'S TMJ4 about their lessons learned after years on the road.

Appearing at the Wisconsin Center, the Jacksons proved they are still consummate entertainers. They were happy to help raise $170,000 for Camp Hometown Heroes, a place for children of fallen soldiers

Tito Jackson shared, "If we can help participate and bring some light into what they are are trying to accomplish, that's what life is all about".

Fans lined up for pictures with the singing superstars. The Jacksons have been performing for decades. They say with age comes wisdom and perspective.

Marlon Jackson explained, "The Lord blessed us and gave us international fame for one reason. I really do believe it in my heart --to unify the world and bring the world together in harmony and peace."

Marlon and Tito Jackson say their parents inspired them the most.

Tito shares, "They believed in us. My father worked hard to get paychecks and bought the instruments and worked with us and groomed us--and made us who we are today."

Marlon adds, "My mom was was the one who made sure we harmonized, my father was the one who made sure we rehearsed every day after school."

Tito and Marlon also remember the early days, when stardom was just a dream. Tito recalls,"We used to look out our bedroom window, look at the cloud pattern and imagine that they were mountains in California."

Tito says he does not want to retire.He exclaims,"I want to be like BB King. BB King lived on the road. He loved it very much! "

The Jacksons are proud their talent inspires unity and love, lessons in humanity that reach far beyond the stage.

Marlon reflects, "When you leave this planet you cannot take it with you. You're going to be judged on what you've done for others."

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