Sojourner Family Peace Center

The first stop for domestic abuse survivors

The Sojourner Family Peace Center is the largest domestic violence service provider in Wisconsin and serves more than 9,500 clients a year. 

President Carmen Pitre says it is often the first stop for domestic abuse survivors, "We want to create a culture of love. The people who come to us have been hurt. They need love themselves. We need to love them and love ourselves as we're working with them."

The Sojourner Family Peace Center is able to help survivors in all aspects of healing and recovery through crisis housing, individual support groups, and systems advocacy.

"So if you're caught up in the criminal or civil system and you need some support we help you do that," Pitre says.

The center is located at 6th & Walnut in Milwaukee. It has been open for just over a year. Inside there is a shelter for women and kids, a large children's center and a call center.

Pitre says, "We take anywhere from 18,000 to 22,000 calls a year from professionals, loved ones, survivors themselves who are looking for support."

Pitre adds the children's center goes through donated diapers, wipes and other baby items quickly, "The items get us through about half of the year- 3-4 months. So many of our clients are at or below poverty and in particular our volunteers have asked for Good Start formula."

They also need diapers of all sizes, wipes, toys for newborns and new high chairs and pack and plays.

Pitre says nobody should underestimate how powerful a donation is and how much of a difference it makes, "I want you as you're making this gift to imagine the worst time in your life and when somebody provided you comfort, what that felt like. That's what you're doing."

The Sojourner Family Peace Center is one of several organizations that receives support from the TODAY'S TMJ4 Community Baby Shower. 

This year's shower is Friday, January 13th. Drop off any new baby items at any area Sentry Foods store.

Sojourner collects items from the Metcalfe's Sentry Foods store on State Street in Wauwatosa.

For more information about the Sojourner Family Peace Center visit:

The 24-hour domestic abuse hotline number is: (414) 933-2722

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