Racine man, victim of domestic violence, hopes his story will help others

RACINE - For years, Iain Morrison hid a dark secret - he was the victim of domestic abuse.

"She had keys and she throw those at me... she had a ton of key chains, even broke the skin on my back," recounts Morrison.

After the couple had their first child, Iain says the abuse got worse.

"She ended up getting extremely violent. I ended up with both my kidneys severely bruised."

After ending up in the hospital, Iain knew he had to leave - a step he was afraid to take.

"It was scary, absolutely terrifying because she and I were together for 10 years."

For years, male victims of domestic violence have been overlooked. But a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control found 40% of victims of severe physical domestic violence are men.

Iain believes because of fear of ridicule, many men suffer in silence.

"I was always taught from a young age you don't-hit a woman, and that is absolutely one thing I refused to do."

Now after counseling and moving out on his own, Iain wants to encourage other men.

"There is no shame in getting help and getting out. It is not safe for anyone to stay in that type of situation regardless of how you feel."

Resources for men:
National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233

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