Youth Trumpet and Taps Corps preserves taps, funeral customs for the next generation

MILWAUKEE -- "Taps" has a special significance, but there's a threat facing this custom.

One group trying to preserve the tradition is striking a chord with the young and old. The "Youth Trumpet and Taps Corps" is teaching young musicians how to perform at military funerals.

"It's giving the next generation how to learn to respect their veterans," said Lisa Moon, parent.

The service organization was founded by Katie Prior - a member of the Oklahoma Youth Orchestra. 

"It feels like they should get a live performance because they've given so much," says Prior. "We want to give a final tribute for all that they've given us."

Live buglers face extinction. There's a shortage of trumpeters.

"It's estimated that nearly 70 percent of veterans receive an audio recording of taps instead of a live performance," says Prior. 

That's why students are learning funeral etiquette, and veterans are coaching the teens. These classes for the fallen hit the right note - reminding us that freedom comes with a cost, and soldiers on their final journey deserve a proper salute.

"It's the last honor that they get to give these people that gave so much to our country," Moon adds. 
"No veteran should ever have to go out without his honors - nobody."