Milwaukee family celebrates mother's 102nd birthday

Four generations will celebrate next week

A Milwaukee woman will turn 102 years old next week and her family is sharing her longtime wisdom.

Four generations of the Perine family will celebrate their matriarch’s 102nd birthday next week.

There’s a lot that’s remarkable about this adoring mom and grandmother, who looks ageless. She earned a tribute from President Barack Obama when she turned 100 years old. Her daughter Annie Perine is named after her mom. She calls Annie C Perine her hero.

“I wanted to be like my mom,” she said.

This dignified matriarch raised 15 kids and six grandkids with grace and love.

“She always tells us, ‘You treats people the way you wants to be treated’,” the daughter Annie said.

The younger Perine says her mother is close to perfect. When growing up she remembers a woman with a warm heart and a spotless house.

“When we came home from school we always had hot meals,” Annie said. “My daddy was a working man, he was a provider. My mom didn’t work, she was a stay-at-home mom.

But the 102-year-old did get her first job at the tender age of 60. She went to work cleaning homes. Annie Jr. says her mom always has a, “go with the flow attitude.”

"She didn’t worry, let nothing get her down, she kept on," Annie said.

But her mom did have a habit you might not expect from a churchgoing elder.

“My mother dipped snuff for 90 some years,” Annie said.

But Annie quit cold turkey a few years ago.

“God took the taste from my mom two years ago,” she said.

As she gets ready for her 102nd year there will be a celebration. Not only for Annie’s long life, but for her kind spirit, devotion to family and her charm and grace. Symbols of a life well lived, and a woman well loved.

“Feels good to grow with your mother,” Annie said.

Daughter Annie says she is also blessed because her mother has a wonderful caregiver, Margie Bland.

A couple years ago they had a party for Annie Senior and people came from all over the country to honor her.

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