Media campaign aims to showcase the work of nurses

Two RNs discuss how much they love their jobs

A campaign is underway to fund compassionate, caring professionals committed to making lives better at the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division, and two local women are an example of what the organizations is looking for.

Vie Lucas and Lauren Hubbard are nurses at the MCBHD, who love their jobs, helping others, and taking care of patients.

“When I come to work I really don’t feel like I’m working,” Lucas said. “I’m usually pretty excited for work.”

For Hubbard, the relationships she makes with people makes it all worthwhile.

“Being able to be the first point of contact in the middle of a crisis and being able to make that connection with that individual to the point that they trust you and let you in is the most rewarding,” she said.

Hubbard and Lucas are featured in a local media campaign, taking aim at the shortage of nurses nationwide. They hope by sharing their stories they can inspire others toward the nursing profession.

The MCBHD is behind this nurse recruitment effort, and CEO Mike Lappen said they are the cornerstone of his organization.

"We serve everybody who needs our help..we don't turn people away we serve more challenging folks with more complex problems than any other hospitals in the area...if you come here and work here, you will learn everything you need to know to be a great psych nurse." Lappen said.

Perhaps, by hearing the journeys of two dedicated nurses, more people will join the ranks of one of the most noble of professions.

"BHD does an awesome job at touching everybody at every level crisis situation, inpatient stabilization, support out into the community  and keeping social services wrapped around the patient and the family,”  Hubbard said.

"I think that is the biggest gift you could ever give, the gift of yourself to another person,” Lucas said.

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