GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence visits Milwaukee

Indiana governor stumps for Trump

Donald Trump's running mate Mike Pence was back in Wisconsin for the third time in three weeks Thursday.

After being introduced by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Pence gave a rousing speech in support of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump during a speech at the the Hilton Milwaukee City Center.

Pence was in Milwaukee doing what a VP candidate is supposed to do -- play up the top ticket and go after your opponent. Pence made no excuses for Trump's many off-the-cuff remarks.

"He just says it like it is and the American people hear him loud and clear," Pence said.

It was not a packed room, but a fired up crowd to see Trump's running mate speak. The former conservative congressman and now Indiana governor believes Trump can get America working again.
"Negotiate deals that will work for the American worker and the American economy and puts American jobs first," Pence said.
Pence's speech was interrupted three times by protesters who were escorted out of the room by security.
The VP candidate tried to make the case that Hillary Clinton can't be trusted on national security.
"Let's decide here and now Hillary Clinton will never be elected president," Pence said to the cheering crowd.

The most recent Marquette Law School poll shows Clinton up 15 points among likely voters. Both are viewed as not being honest but the poll gives Clinton an almost two-to-one edge on being more qualified.
Benson: Can you give me an example that you have seen with Donald Trump on why he has the temperament to be president?
Pence: I've seen Donald Trump when the cameras and light are off. He's a great CEO because he has that combination of high standards and great respect for everyone that works for him.
Trump is expected back in Wisconsin next week for a big fundraiser with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus -- money he may need to help close that 15 point gap.

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