Wind rips east side bus shelter out of the ground

MILWAUKEE --  High winds ripped a sturdy bus shelter right out of the concrete ground, and sent it flying onto the top of a car on the east side Wednesday.  Witnesses couldn't believe it.

"I kind of trust them, but every now and then you'll have a real strong wind come through and being down here by the lakefront, the wind is usually high," said R.S. Johnson, who rides the bus.

The driver walked away unharmed. All across southeast Wisconsin, strong gusts were a problem, knocking over trees and garbage cans, and causing power outages. On the roads, drivers of large vehicles had to stay focused.

"You gotta make a quick lane change and all of a sudden the wind catches you, that can make you turn over, especially SUV's, but again, the semis are the biggest problem," said Dan Farkas of Farkas Automotive.

We asked Dan Farkas whether there's a difference between driving on the interstate versus a city street on windy days.  He said, "Absolutely. You've got more wind coming across the interstates. You've got more open fields, plus you're driving faster."

Last month, high winds blew over a semi on I-94 in Kenosha County. When there's a wind advisory, mechanics think drivers should be checking their vehicle's front end.

"Loose front end parts are gonna be stressed. Tires are gonna be stressed. The shocks, struts, springs, everything's gonna be stressed because you're constantly going back and forth," said Farkas.

By 6:00 a.m., We Energies had restored power to 8,000 customers due to the windy conditions.  An additional 10,000 customers lost it throughout the rest of the day. Those were scattered across southeast Wisconsin and crews were continuing to work to restore power to those customers Wednesday evening.

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