WI Veterans' Welcome "Home"

VILLAGE OF JACKSON- The frame is up . The roof on. The builders even thought to put in a flag mount for old glory. It's a labor of love Belman Homes has been working on since September.

"We hand built out the rafters everything done piece by piece right on site."

David Belman and Tim O'Brien partnered with Operation Finally Home to build two homes for two deserving vets.

"Being able to provide a mortgage free home we need a lot of donations and a lot of help and the industry Has been tremendously supportive." said, developer Tim O'Brien

The owner of this house has no idea it's being built. Army specialist Bo Kitelinger and his family attended tonight's buck's game thinking only about the buck's scoring big.. he had no idea it would be his family walking away with the big win.

Bo still in a fog after the big reveal.

"It kind of registered when we were in the back getting ready to walk onto the court I was like wow I don't think this is my consolation hat.," said Robert "Bo" Kitelinger

His wife Kim wiped back tears as she too realized their dream home was now a reality.

"It feels good because now the two girls don't have to share anymore it's nice it will be very nice."

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