West Bend hospital about to receive Safe Sleep Certification

St. Joseph's Hospital in West Bend is finalizing the steps to become Safe Sleep certified.

Prenatal education coordinator, Staci Bohling, says all of the nurses and techs are getting trained on the proper ways to put a baby in a safe sleeping environment.

"On their back, in a crib that has nothing else in it and that is flat with a hard, firm mattress,"  Bohling said.

The baby should also be wrapped in a swaddler. The information can be difficult for new parents to absorb when they have stuffed animals and soft blankets for their bundles of joy.

"A lot of the blanket sets still come with a bumper pad so telling the parents they shouldn't put that bumper pad on right now," is important, Bohling said.

She added that the baby should sleep in a crib, not in a bed, "Co-sleeping can be very dangerous because they can roll over on their baby or the fluffy blankets can actually fall on them and they can suffocate because they can't move away from them."

St. Joseph's in West Bend hopes to finalize their Safe Sleep certification within six months.

The hospital is a Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Birth Center. It is a proud partner of the TODAY'S TMJ4 Community Baby Shower. Donate items like diapers, formulas, blankets, and new clothing to any Sentry Store or at TODAY'S TMJ4 on Friday, Jan. 19.

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