Waukesha residents battle with April snow showers

Posted: 12:50 PM, Apr 16, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-16 17:51:09Z

WAUKESHA -- By now, people are usually ready for April showers so they can enjoy the May flowers. However, they don't want the word "snow" in there. 

"This is the worst," Mitesh Patel said. 

Patel lives on a corner so he's used to having to do a lot of work because of Mother Nature. However, he's usually firing up his lawnmower by now and not the snow blower. 

"It was hard to clean up last night," Patel said. "We cleaned it up twice yesterday and we're doing it again one more time. I hope it stops. I don't want this. I thought it was going to be raining, not snowing."

Patel's family moved to Wisconsin from India about 20 years ago. Right now, weather like this in the middle of April has them wishing they could go back. 

"I want to go India," Praful Patel, Mitesh's father said. "It's 80 or 90 degrees. It's hot."

For those who have lived in Wisconsin their whole lives, this weather is no surprise. 

It still doesn't make it an easy pill to swallow.

"It is Wisconsin," Amie Hensel said. "This is a little more than I would think is necessary for Wisconsin in April but it is what it is I guess."

Hensel had some trouble firing up her snow blower on Monday. It may be a bit of a jinx from her husband. 

"Three times he's said, it's the last snow of the season," Hensel said. "Here we are. It usually is very easy to start but suddenly, it's not starting very easily."